Love the local food and music scene


We are talking bout an old Kemah family here. Ever visited the Hoagie Ranch or the Bayview Duck? Together, they are a big part of local culture. I love them both with their subtle similarities and stark differences.  Let me explain. We live and love in Kemah so I will start my story closest to home. Yeah…I’m talkin’ bout the If you want a great sandwich restaurant; I … [Read more...]

Clear Creek ISD Aims High and Hits


Hey. You know what? We’ve got good schools here in Clear Lake. The facts speak for themselves. CCISD seems to be getting the kids ready for college. That is reflected in the SAT scores that are substantially higher than state or national averages. And how about this? They also boast a 98.5 completion rate. How do you get statistics like these? Through a  formula comprised of excellent teachers, … [Read more...]

The Seabrook Seafood Markets

Large Gulf Shrimp

Fresh gulf shrimp.  It's what's for dinner.  Jan and I are often surprised that some of our locals don't know that Seabrook boasts some of the finest seafood markets on the gulf coast and that's something we should be proud of. I've been fortunate to live on the coast of four coastal states where the local seafood markets were admirable but the markets in Seabrook are a cut above the others. You … [Read more...]

Where the Girls Are


That's where I wanna be but for more than one reason. Last fall, three talented women teamed up to do something wonderful. They understood the needs of underserved women and children and wanted to promote female led bands in Houston. They had the venue,  talent, and the motivation.  This was the perfect trifecta for the genesis of Where the Girls Are  happening every Tuesday night at the Last … [Read more...]

Stay Cool Baby – It All Starts in Your Attic

Attic Breeze solar attic fan

As an energy auditor, I've crawled around a lot of attics. Let me offer a typical summertime scenario for a typical suburban Houston home that is ten years old or older. It's 100 degree outside and your roof is 50 degrees hotter than the front outside wall.  The attic temperature is an unbearable 130 -140 degrees Fahrenheit. The suns radiant energy is conducted through your roof into the attic. … [Read more...]

Community Gardening and the Natural Living Food Co-op


Today, I muse about the meaning of community and the importance of good neighbors. We don't think about it much but there is enough growing space in one average neighborhood back yard to feed the whole neighborhood year round with fresh organic veggies. Community gardening is taking hold in League City and we would be wise to support it no matter what color your stripes are. These days many of … [Read more...]

Mar Bella – Luxury Coastal Living


If you are in the new home market in Clear Lake, there are a lot of good reasons to consider Mar Bella. Mar Bella offers some of the best aspects of coastal living and is as scenic as its translation, beautiful sea. Located near the junction of Hwy 146 and Hwy 96 south of Kemah, Mar Bella has two builders, Taylor Morrison and Beazer. Taylor Morrison offers larger homes that they call their … [Read more...]

Sailing Angels Foundation on Clear Lake


Giving back is one of my favorite things, and I tend to like those who do it also.  You can call it charity, paying it forward, or just doing the right thing. In my experience, the people I respect the most are the givers. I've also noticed that sometimes, those who have the most to offer, give the least.  At other times, those who have the least to offer, give the most. Rick O’Perry, former … [Read more...]

Things To Consider When Buying A Home


The housing market in Clear Lake is pretty healthy. Interest rates and inventory are both low and the market seems fairly balanced. These qualities are a good combination for buying a home now and the cost of renting has increased. Collectively, the timing is good to purchase. Let's say you just found your dream home and are ready to make an offer. Oh the euphoria! Whoa, Nellie. Just because … [Read more...]

Clear Lake Area Golf Courses


This post is for golfers and those who love them. Golf is a great common sport for man and woman and Clear Lake has many beautiful homes for sale around golf courses. It requires finesse over strength and like sailing, almost anyone can get better at it with practice. No matter if you love the sport or hate it, often it's on the greens where relationships are established. From these, come business … [Read more...]